Dust Control.

Airborne dust is one of the most serious problem in bulk material management with direct effect in health and safety. Fine particles can cause combustible and dense dust emissions and silicosis, a chronic respiratory illness.

Kurita with long experience in treating dust problems offers the most advanced and varied products.

Kurita dust control products:

  • Ferrosolf® 9918: Recommended for unpaved road applications.
  • Ferrosolf® 9921: Continuous conveyor when a prolonged effect is not needed.
  • Ferrosolf® 9920: Continuous conveyor with prolonged effect after the material has been piled up.


Kurita dust products can be used as surface application or in continuous conveyor applications, protecting dust emission in several application areas:

  • Storage piles
  • Transportation of bulk material on trains
  • Internal handling and discharge of dusty material
  • Internal Carriage roads sealing
  • Dust control on coal, coke, ores, sludge, earth, sulfur, fertilizers, etc…

Ask your Kurita contact and discover how Kurita products can reduce by more than 90% the dust formation with direct improvement in the environment and working conditions.