Das LOCK-Konzept

LOCK: Legionella Overall Control by Kurita.


Legionnaires disease was discovered in the late 70‘s after several outbreaks. In the last ten years the authorities and countries started to be intensify theirs efforts to regulate the topic. Countries like Spain, France, Nederland, Germany or UK have strict laws that force the final users of the water in industrial and municipal installation to have a close control of their systems and applications. Even in the countries where direct laws about Legionella don’t exist, there are guidelines, norms or best practices that must be fulfilled.
Kurita has been always one step ahead in the Legionella control and with a long trajectory in the field. Our experts can offer the most appropriate solution for your situation and installation.

Our Lock concept offers a full package for the control, monitoring and treatment of the Legionella:

  • Certified specialists
  • Fast detection methods
  • Action Plan
  • Monitoring
  • Technologies & Products
  • Risk Assessments
  • Procedure
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Trainings

One of the latest innovations in the Legionella control is the rapid detection method; KuriLoc Kit.
KuriLoc Kit offers the first results only 3 hours after the sampling and it is highly specific. 
You can enjoy the advantages of the KuriLoc fast detection system, purchasing your own device or using the services of our accredited laboratories.
Consult your Kurita expert to select the best option for your system!