S.sensing CS-Technologie

S.sensing CS - Waste Water Real Time Monitoring & Dosing Control.

Kurita’s S.sensing CS technology offers an innovative way to control the product dosage of waste water treatment products. This state of the art system is using a laser based technology and offers an in situ measurement of the turbidity between the flocs at the inlet to the sedimentation basin.

Using this technology,  S.sensing CS allows to adjust the dosage of the primary coagulants already when the flock is formed and not only after the floc has settled in the sedimentation basin.

As S.sensing CS is measuring at the inlet of the sedimentation basin, it is also able to correct the dosage of the coagulant according to the real water quality at the inlet of the sedimentation basin. If the water quality or quantity is changing the product dosage will be adjusted immediately, not only 1-2 hours later when the clarified water leaves the sedimentation basin again.

S.sensing CS offers several advantages:

  • Optimisation of coagulant dosage
  • No over dosage
  • Advantage to dose always the correct amount of product at the right time
  • Stable quality of treated water
  • Reduced cost for pH control
  • Reduction of sludge amount, therefore the sludge disposal cost are reduced considerably
  • Labour saving of water treatment operation
  • Total cost reduction

Due to the continuous monitoring, S.sensing CS ensures at the same time an optimum dosage and a smooth and stable plant operation.

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