S.sensing MX - a modular analyzer system especially designed for cooling water applications.

S.sensing MX is a new, modular analyzer system especially designed for cooling water applications.

The modular system and the different types of controllers and analyzers allows to fit S.sensing MX to practically any application. We base the selection of modules on the real needs. There are modules and analyzers available for product active control as well as for the measurement of KPI´s. Therefore S.sensing MX allows a double safety to control the success of your water treatment.

S.sensing MX consists of three main elements:

  • Waterline Panel
  • Controller Series, 
  • Analyzer Modules

Each of these elements has been designed to make S.sensing MX as universal as possible, but at the same time as specific as necessary to fit it to the needs of modern cooling water monitoring and data communication.

S.sensing MX will contain the best available technology helping to save energy and resources.

Single modules can easily be exchanged or added in case of need, while the S.sensing MX platform remains as the bases of the system for the future.

The follwing video shows how to control product dosage and monitor key performance indicators in cooling water applications successfully:

S.sensing MX the innovative customized monitoring system by Kurita;

  • One Display, One Waterline, One Cable
  • Easy and economic modular structure
  • Reliable measurement of plant conditions and KPI´s
  • Combined solutions for product dosage and control
  • Smooth plant operation
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership