Innovative technology based on filming amines for boiler water, steam generator and closed systems – Cetamine®

Cetamine® is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on film forming amines (often referred to as polyamines or fatty amines). Cetamine® prevents scale formation and corrosion in feed water tanks, feed water lines, boilers, steam and condensate systems. The treatment performance is based on the combination of several actions:

  • Corrosion protection due to filmformation on metal system surfaces throughout the entire system building-up a hydrophobic protective film which constitutes a continuous barrier between water and metal
  • Dispersion and removal of scale-forming salts
  • pH control by means of neutralizing amines

Cetamine® G851:

  • Single component product for the power industry for application under continuous or cycling plant operation and for system preservation under filled or emptied conditions (wet & dry lay-up)
  • Fully complies with the all volatile treatment (AVT) concept in combination with ammonia

Cetamine® V217K:

  • Especially designed for production processes in food industry which have to comply with kosher rules

The main benefits of Cetamine® are:

  • Complete plant protection due to hydrophobic protective film
  • All-organic treatment concept with low impact on feed water and boiler water conductivity
  • Water and cost reduction by reducing boiler blow down
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to an optimal heat transfer
  • Increase of efficiency and reliability
  • Simple dosing and control
  • Dosing according to the quantity of make-up water leads to less product consumption

We encourage you to watch our video for a demonstration of the boiling behaviour of water treated with Cetamine®.

This video shows a clear improvement with Cetamine® treatment due to the improvement of heat transfer. This leads to increased steam production and savings of fuel and energy in boiler systems.

Here you can get to know more about our Cetamine® Technology.

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