Kurita provides tailored treatment concepts for refinery applications

Antifoam / defoamer agents for foam control.

Foaming is a physical incorporation of gas bubbles within a liquid solution. It is a serious problem in oil refineries and may lead to significant problems, when a low surface tension liquid allows the surface of a gas bubble to expand easily. Hydrocarbons, small particles and acids will increase the foaming tendency and stability. Immediate action is required to prevent or destabilize existing foam avoiding considerable operating disturbances and damage. Mainly concerned are:

  • Crude distillation units and vacuum units
  • Bitumen (asphalt) plants and delayed coker units
  • Visbreaker units and hydrocrackers
  • Caustic scrubber units
  • Sour water strippers and amine units

Kurita provides highly efficient antifoam agents and defoamers which destroy the foam formation immediately and prevent a new formation of foam. Depending on the relevant application, the Kurita antifoams and defoamers contain:

  • Oil-free components
  • Natural oils
  • Mineral oils
  • Silicone containing or silicone-free active substances
  • Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)

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