Paper for the press

For the improvement of your paper production.

Our innovative chemistry and a high level of experienced services contribute to achieve operational excellence in the paper manufacturing process. A wide range of functional and process additives in combination with our highly skilled team will help you to improve performance and to create value.

Our experts are always by your side! Together, we can address your specific challenge. Simply contact us or explore our wide applications for your paper production:

  • Packaging & Board: Providing innovative solutions with our sizing agents, strength additives and pitch and sticky control additives to the specific needs of paper process.
  • Tissue & Towel: From private label consumer goods to premium tissue brands – today´s manufacturing of tissue & towel products means providing more softness, more strength and more brightness to meet customers’ needs. Up-to-date paper chemistry enables the producer to utilize more short fiber and to reduce energy, water and waste in the process.
  • Printing & Writing: with our wide of polymeric surface sizing agents, deposit control agents, organic flocculants and DTPA-free bleaching stabilizers, we help  the industry in achieving to stay competitive with highest quality at the lowest cost level.
  • Specialty Papers: We provide from food & beverage filtration via banknotes to laminate base papers - numerous specialty paper products like wet strength agents, sizing agents and flame retardants.

We are of service to you.