Advanced chemistry at its best


Advanced Chemistry at its best! Our portfolio in brief:

  • Giluton® – Wet Strength Agents
  • Perglutin® – Polymeric Sizing Agents

  • Dilurit® – Deposit Control Agents
  • Basidin® – On line Cleaning
  • Gilufix® – Pitch and Sticky Control
  • Labufloc® – Retention additives & Flocculants
  • Gilufloc® - Inorganic Flocculants and Fixatives

  • Contraspum® – Foam control and De-aeration
  • Lastabil® – Cost efficiency and process stability in fiber bleaching

  • Paper Specialties – Flame retardants, Flying-splice Adhesives, Halogen-free re pulping agents, Tissue additives

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