Waste Water

Efficient waste water treatment processes with care for the enviroment.

Kurita Europe offers products and solutions for waste water treatment which are designed to improve the waste water quality with respect to legislative and environmental concerns. Due to the increased requirements and environmental sensitivity, many industries must update their waste water treatment processes. Kurita offers wide range of organic and inorganic coagulants and also different Al salts for the removal of phosphorus, sulfates and other critical components (e.g. F, As).
Beside our wide range of coagulants for precipitation, we also offer more efficient plant running with complimentary flocculants and specific additives to remove contaminants and suspended solids from any waste water treatment plants.

What kind of specialty products does Kurita provide?

We offer a complete and innovative treatment program for a wide range of applications:

  • Kuriflock/Gilufloc®: Complete inorganic coagulants portfolio for waste water treatment processes.
  • Wide range of inorganic coagulants meeting different needs of every customer.
  • Aluminum salts from own production.

Why choose Kurita?

We gained experience in waste water treatment over several decades and in various types of industry. Our solutions allow you to respect legislation and the environment and to reduce costs. Our aim is to help you improve treatment processes, while saving water and reducing sludge and waste. Wherever appropriate, we also investigate with you the possibility of reusing water and thereby controlling the whole water related field.

  • To reduce operation costs
  • To Improve water quality
  • To optimize plant performance
  • To increase water reuse
  • To meet stringent regulations

Do you need support? Our qualified experts will be glad to advice you personally and individually.