Product range of Kurita´s aluminium based products

Al Compounds.

Strong products, strong service, strong results. Our Portfolio in brief:

  • Aluminium Formate - Precipitant and fixing agent for chloride- and acid-free papers
  • Ferrosolf® - Anti-dust agent
  • Gecedral® - Setting accelerator
  • Gilufloc® - Inorganic flocculants and fixatives
  • Gilunal®- Boron replacement in starchy and dextrin containing systems
  • Lufloc® - High concentrated, inorganic flocculants
  • Lupreal® - Alkaline neutralization and precipitation agent
  • Mikrosorban® - Highly reactive and concentrated flocculants and adsorbent agent
  • Siliphos® - Antiscaling agent
  • Ferrosolf® 700 - Soil-conditioner
  • Sodium Aluminate
  • Aluminium Sulfate
  • Special products

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