Albaphos® FB

Kurita offers Albaphos® FB as an innovative product range for the treatment of pasteurization and sterilization processes.

Special active substances optimize the appearance of the processed packaging. Biocides, corrosion, and scale inhibitors protect the processing equipment, reduce necessary maintenance shutdowns and increase the plant lifetime and productivity.

We provide effective solutions for oil and fat removal, as well as for a glossy improvement of the packaging, which leads to low product rejection rates and an increased economic operation of the plant.


Albaphos® FB Benefits

  • Protection of all parts in contact with the treated water,
  • Prevent corrosion and scaling,
  • Fat & oil removal,
  • Glossy improvement of packaging rinsing agents
  • Lower Product rejection rates
  • Increased economic operation of the plant


Albaphos® FB Products


Case Studies

Successful water treatment in sterilization process

Food producer improves optical appearance of packaging by scale inhibition with ecofriendly product Albaphos® FB 9428

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Milk cans sterilizer treated with Albaphos® FB 9100

Our all-in-one solution provides a safer, reliable and cost-efficient treatment for the Food and Beverage industry.

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