Precipitant and Fixing Agent for chloride- and acid-free paper – Aluminium Formate.

Aluminium Formate in papers:

  • Papers are brightened with white tones
  • Perfect for papers from highly milled stocks, to reduce grey-red tone
  • For papers and boards that are subjected to a heat / moisture treatment

In addition, Aluminium Formate is particularly suitable for storage durable writing- and printing papers, boards for self-adhesive post cards and file cards, laminated papers and sealing papers.

Aluminium Formate has a hydrophobic effect. Used alone in the stock, it does not bring complete sizing, but the effects of sizing agents, particularly rosin sizes, are appreciably increased by Aluminium Formate. When the sheet is drying in the dryer section a great part of the formic acid, produced by hydrolysis of the Aluminium Formate, evaporates. Almost neutrally reacting aluminium compounds remain in the paper, so the pH of the paper is relatively high.

Hence, papers manufactured with Aluminium Formate have excellent storage properties and thermal resistance.