Process Technologies

Individual treatment concepts and chemical programmes for various processes

Without use of oil refineries and petrochemical plants it is difficult today to imagine modern life. Gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels or raw materials such as ethylene, styrene or butadiene for the production of high quality plastics  have a vital importance for the economical growth and prosperity of a country.

Whether you are looking for a solution to an existing problem at your process units or are interested in learning about the different ways how to improve the profitability of your operation, our treatment programs and chemical solutions help you saving costs by extending equipment lifetime, increasing production and product quality.

Together, we can define your specific needs. Simply contact us to explore our wide range of treatment programs, concepts and chemical solutions such as:

  • Demulsifiers / emulsion breakers: Emulsion breaker programs will provide a good phase separation of stable oil/water (O/W) or water/oil (W/O) emulsions.
  • Antifoulants, antioxidants and antipolymerants: Unwanted salt deposition, coke particles, iron sulfide and polymer formation can decrease the heat transfer and production efficiency. Antifoulant programs and antipolymerants will avoid precipitation or formation of polymers to improve heat transfer restrictions and profitability. Antioxidants and particle size limiters will block polymer formation.
  • Corrosion inhibitors: Very well established corrosion control programs including neutralizing amines, film-forming amines, oxygen scavengers or Kurita´s unique patented ACF technology will stop or significantly reduce corrosion of your process equipment.
  • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers: Meeting your exact requirements, we can supply H2S scavengers, which can be applied as water-soluble or oil-soluble liquid formulations.
  • Cleaning and decontamination technologies: Our C&D technologies cover the degassing of hazardous gases, cleaning of the distillation equipment and decontamination of vessels, columns, storage tanks etc. Pyrophoric iron sulfide species are eliminated and benzene or Lower Explosive Limits (LEL) are reduced to zero.
  • Antifoams: Our antifoams prevent foam problems in distillation processes, mineral oil products and various other applications. The liquid formulations are easily dispersed and will not create fouling.
  • Biocides: Our biocides for diesel fuels, heating oils and other technical products eliminate or prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. They provide excellent anticorrosive properties and protection against microbial material degradation and sludge formation with no effect on the AOX value.

Biofuel Process Chemistries

Kurita’s Process Technologies team supports the fuel ethanol industry with innovative chemistries designed to reduce air pollution, prevent deposits, prevent corrosion, and enhance fermentation and corn

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Dust Control

Dust ControlExceptional treatment concepts for prevention of dust losses Dust control solutions reduce health and safety concerns Airborne contaminants occur as aerosols or as gases

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Petrochemical Innovative programmes for the petrochemical industry Petrochemical production plants suffer from repeated operational disruption. Typical process-related problems are fouling, corrosion and foam problems. The consequences are

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Refinery Treatment concepts for refinery applications Crude oil refineries produce a variety of products, including feedstocks for cracking processes and for the petrochemical industry. The

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