Water Treatment

Individual solutions for all kinds of water systems.

Whether you are looking for a solution to an existing problem in your water treatment plant or are interested in learning about the different ways how to improve the profitability of your operation, our water treatment products and solutions help you save costs by extending equipment lifetime, increasing production and product quality.

Together, we can address your specific challenge. Simply contact us or explore our wide applications for industrial water treatment:

Boiler water treatment

Boiler Water Heating Systems Flexible treatment programs and boiler services for steam generators & heating systems Steam is required in nearly all sectors of the

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Cleaning Sustainable industrial cleaning, deposit and slime removal with Ferrolin® and Alberol® Deposits in industrial installations can affect and minimize the performance of a system

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Cooling & Process Water

Cooling & Process Water State-of-the-art solutions, developed for a complete control of cooling water systems. An optimal heat transfer is the most important point in

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Drinking Water

Drinking Water Drinking Water Kurita offers specifically developed, high-quality products for the best possible treatment of drinking water systems. It is the first objective of our

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Membrane Treatment

Membrane Treatment Membrane treatment for reverse osmosis systems Membrane units, these days are widely used in the water pre-treatment preparation and are becoming one of

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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Comprehensive and innovative technology for swimming pool treatment Kurita offers a wide product range of swimming pool water treatment chemicals. These products

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater Systems The intelligent treatment of your wastewater systems Most of the industries use a significant amount of water and so generates wastewater. Due to

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