Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Kurita offers specifically developed, high-quality products for the best possible treatment of drinking water systems. It is the first objective of our company to help our customers in avoiding any kind of problem that might occur with the preparation, transport or use of drinking water. Our technologies can be used for all kinds of conditions, from municipal water suppliers to private buildings (e.g. hotels, universities, hospitals and private homes) as well as industrial scale applications.

What kind of products does Kurita offer?

Corrosion and scale inhibition.


Water preparation and clarification.

Why choose Kurita?

  • Prevention of scaling to avoid deposits and subsequently blockage of pipes.
  • Corrosion inhibition, to avoid any risks of getting brown water and destruction of pipes.
  • A proven harmless character towards water consumers.
  • Possible use of complete multi-functional products: corrosion inhibition – hardness stabilization – disinfectant.
  • Legionella control.
  • Raw materials with highest quality standards.
  • Meeting and exceeding the requirements of the European drinking water directive as well as food grade requirements.
  • In addition by the NSF approved products: Kurita Product Listing