Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Comprehensive and innovative technology for swimming pool treatment

Kurita offers a wide product range of swimming pool water treatment chemicals. These products have proven their efficiency over many years.

There are various types of swimming pools. Swimming pools differ in function (tropical swimming pool, sauna), size and conditions such as water temperature, cleaning system, and water disinfection mechanism. A division can be made in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There is a difference between swimming pools with a water recirculation system and swimming pools that undergo constant water refreshment. In circulation pools, the water is recycled from a water purification system. Part of the water is separated and carried away after treatment. The pool will be filled up with fresh water.
When a swimming pool has a continual flow, the water is continually refreshed. The water that is retreated from the pool is discharged into the sewer, or it will be transported to a water purification plant. Most public swimming pools apply water recirculation.

Kurita´s swimming pool water treatment chemicals and pool cleaning services:

Swimming pool water must undergo treatment, in order to remain clear and clean, free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens and suitable for use by swimmers. Swimming pool water treatment is subject to standards and local regulations. Our product range gives the opportunity to choose the right treatment programme to operate your swimming pool hygienically. Our highly skilled Kurita representatives can support you accordingly.

Ferrodor® is composed of filter and surface conditioners, flotation agents, pH regulators, disinfectants and complimentary products. With this product range, Kurita offers quick troubleshooting and tailor-made solutions in case of various problems, such as:

    • Turbid, unclear, coloured water
    • Scale formation on pool surfaces
    • Slippery surfaces and green turbid water
    • Eye and skin irritation

Why choose Kurita?

We gained experience in the treatment of swimming pools over several decades. Our solutions allow you to respect legislation and the environment. Our aim is to provide treatment solutions for a smooth system operation.

  • To keep or even to improve water quality
  • To reduce operation costs
  • To ensure smooth swimming pool operation
  • To meet stringent regulations