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Students and Graduates


As an intern at Kurita, you will gain valuable work experience and put the theory you learn at university into practice. The internship will help you grow your skills and build up a professional network. You will join exciting projects and collaborate with colleagues worldwide.

Motivated and successful interns have a very good chance of starting a career at Kurita after graduation. Show us your personality and what you are made of!

Working Student

At Kurita, you can gain valuable practical experience during your studies and work on exciting projects to address the challenges of tomorrow. As a working student, you will work on specific tasks or projects as part of a global team and take a big step further in your professional life.

You can work during the lecture period (approximately 10 to a maximum of 20 hours per week) and/or during the semester holidays. Kurita offers flexible models to organize your working student activity.

Final Thesis

Kurita is always looking for new ways to address the challenges of tomorrow, and thereby, innovative ideas and technologies are essential. While writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis at Kurita you deal with current topics and get valuable practical insights.

Show us your potential for innovation and write your thesis at and with Kurita!

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Application Process

Receipt of application via our online portal
Screening of the documents
First interview
Optional: Second interview
Offer of contract
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*The process may vary depending on the position


How do I apply to internships or working student positions?

If you come across an exciting position in our job portal, please apply directly through the job advertisement “Apply” button.

How long are internships offered at Kurita?

The duration of an internship is between two and six months. In Germany, compulsory internships can be completed depending on the study regulations, and voluntary internships during studies can be completed for up to a maximum of three months. Gap-year internships can be offered for a maximum of six months.

Is enrollment necessary for the internship?

To complete an internship at Kurita during your studies, you must be enrolled at a college or university for the entire duration of the internship. For a gap year internship, we do not require a certificate of enrollment.

Are internships at Kurita paid?

Of course, internships at Kurita are paid depending on your level of study.

Do I get paid if I write my master's thesis at Kurita?

Yes, of course, you will be paid while working at Kurita and writing your thesis.

What are my working hours as a working student?

You work during the lecture period (approx. 10 to a maximum of 20 hours per week) and/or during the semester breaks. You can choose for yourself how you would like to organize your working student activity using flexible models. The success of your studies is a priority.

Which documents should I attach to my application?

For an application, we need the following documents from you:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Valid certificate of enrollment for the duration of the internship during your studies
  • Certificates and a current transcript of records
  • Other relevant references
How do I prepare for an interview at Kurita?

To prepare for an interview at Kurita, you should familiarize yourself with both Kurita as a company and the position you are applying for. We will use the interview to get to know you personally and find out more about your previous expertise, experiences, skills, and interests. We would also like to give you an insight into the values and culture of Kurita.

How many months in advance should I apply?

The application deadlines for individual positions vary. If the position is advertised, you can apply for it.

Are the online job vacancies up to date?

Yes, job vacancies will only be removed when they have been filled.

How can I submit an unsolicited application?

You are welcome to send an unsolicited application here if you do not find an offer that interests you among the advertised positions.

Whom can I contact in case of questions?

In case of any questions, please contact us at

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