Cement / Mortars / Refractory concrete.

Kurita´s own research & development centre consistently develops innovative solutions for building material and refractory industry. Product range of additives for admixtures, dry-spay application, dry-mix, injection mortars, wall plasters, self-levelings, quick plasters and thermal resistant concrete is adapted to the latest requirements. Thus, our customers can always expect high-performance products and reliable service.

Building material chemicals Gecedral® powder are based on Aluminum Sulfate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Formate, Aluminate and are used in a wide range of application as setting and hardening accelerator, functional fillers and as inorganic thixotropic agents to control rheology of mortars. The innovative Gecedral® powder product concept is based on high reactivity combined with optimized grain size distributions.  Gecedral® powder offer formulators and manufacturers an expanded range of options for developing concretes, thereby allowing their technical properties to be optimized. Moreover Gecedral® powders enables more flexible formulations to be developed at lower costs (e.g. replacement of lithium compounds).

Alkali-free Setting and Hardening Accelerator.

Our Gecedral® powders secure a range of fast to a delayed setting behavior in cement bound mortars, plaster or repair masses and is proved to be ideal for quick plaster formulation and injection mortars securing early strength and final strength with proven certified products. Our powder setting accelerators for various applications in cement bound mortar, plaster and concrete with influence on the rheology and setting characteristics.

Gecedral® BZ 111, Gecedral® L, Gecedral® P200, Gecedral® P500, Gecedral® AS, Gecedral® AS23 are used in adhesives for tiles, precast concrete, sprayed concrete, plaster, wall-plaster, and mortar repair.

Furthermore we provide Gecedral® P500 as a powder accelerator for dry-spraying shotcrete methods.

Alkaline Powder Setting Accelerator.

Gecedral® ABE, Gecedral® ABE-R for all range of portland cement systems which require a high early strength. Useful for mortars and quick plasters. Your benefit: good consistency of the concrete while application.

Rheology additives in concrete.

In addition to the accelerators, the mortar and concrete require aids for adjusting the rheology. More important are the inorganic additives, which do not show any retrogradation or similar properties of organics, starches, dextrin and CMC.

Our Gecedral® powders provides a wide range of stable rheology and thixotropic behavior in mortars for various applications.

Gecedral® N and Gecedral® TM are used as thixotropic agents. All of them are alkali-free and non-basic.

Refractory concretes / repair masses.

In Refractory Industry demand is growing for more high thermal resistance high-performance products. The setting accelerators play an important role in refractory concretes for hydraulic binder based on aluminum cement. It has an influence on the rheology and setting characteristics as well as the sintering behavior and chemical stability.

The new Gecedral® ABE, Gecedral® ABE-R is recommended for all range of aluminum cement systems in refractories which require a high early strength to create a highly sophisticated refractory concretes on high thermal stability.

The proved system of DHSOL® offers formulators of fireproof repair masses an expanded range of options for developing concretes binding at lower temperatures.


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