Complete protection of the whole boiler system

Cetamine® Technology – a comprehensive and innovative technology for boiler water treatment.

Conventional boiler water treatment programmes generally have three components: oxygen scavengers, phosphate and alkalising amines. Kurita offers a unique and innovative treatment programme based on FFA all-in-one product. The Cetamine® Technology is based on a combination of film-forming components that offer a complete protection of the whole system from the feed tank to the condensate lines.  

The Cetamine® Technology is based on all-in-one products formulated to increase the heat transfer of the system and provide water and energy savings to our customers, reducing the total operational cost.  

The Boiler Water treatment with film forming amines is a combination of three modes of action:

  • pH value adjustment in feedwater, boiler water and steam/condensate systems by means of neutralising amines.
  • Protects the complete system due the film formation in feed water tank, feedwater line, boiler water and steam/condensate system by the film forming amines action.
  • Dispersion of scale-forming salts by polymers in feedwater and boiler water.

We encourage you to watch the video below about a Cetamine® lab trial with acetic acid.

The lab trial represented in the video shows a coupon treated with Cetamine® in comparison to an untreated coupon. The Cetamine® protection film shows an excellent protection of metallic surfaces against acidic attack.

To learn more about our Cetamine® Technology, please watch the next video below about the Cetamine® protection of boilers by Cetamine® Filmforming Amines (CFA):

Under high concentrations of ammonia, copper and copper alloys usually form a blue color complex indicating corrosive conditions and dissolution of the metal. This lab test shows the excellent protection against ammonia attack with Cetamine®.

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