Kurita Group Code of Conduct

Core Values

While the Core Values form the basis of our judgments and actions, the Kurita Group Code of Conduct shows what we must follow in compliance with laws and regulations and to take the specific correct actions that are based on social ethics.

Core Values

To be a flexible and competitive company that can survive in the market environment, we will conduct business activities in a fair manner, moving away from old values and ideas that are no longer appropriate.

To become a global corporate group, we will proactively adopt the rules of international society and conduct our business activities with transparency.

We will conduct business activities in a sincere manner, while making strenuous efforts to meet social expectations and further enhance our reputation as a company true to its word.

As a company that leads the world with its technologies, we will provide our customers with high-quality products and services while minimizing the negative impacts that technologies may have on the lives and properties of people.

As an advanced water and environmental management company, we will conduct business activities in such a manner as to ensure the compatibility of economic growth and environmental protection, so that we can help keep the global environment in good shape for the next generation

It clearly specifies how we should act together, transcending differences in language, custom, cultural background, and other attributes.

The full text can be found in the following PDF:

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