Tailor-made defoamer solutions with Contraspum®

We offer advanced silicone-based and silicon free defoamers portfolio with low COD contribution, fulfilling the needs of particular applications and meeting the requirements of BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikoanalyse) and FDA and both for preventive and curative.

Kurita provides broad range of defoamers in water, waste water and paper processes for:

  • Quick foam knock down
  • Foam prevention
  • De-aeration.

Kurita also offers the Gilumat foam control, measuring probe for the automatization of antifoam dosage, for an optimum plant pperation.

Gilumat foam control provides:

  • Automatization of the antifoamer dosage
  • Product optimization
  • Increase of the plant operating capacity
  • Reduction of man power

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