Innovative programmes for the petrochemical industry

Antifoams or defoamers to prevent and destabilize foam formation.

Foaming is a physical incorporation of gas bubbles within a liquid solution. Foam formation in petrochemical processes may lead to significant problems, when a low surface tension liquid allows the surface of a gas bubble to expand easily. Hydrocarbons, small particles and acids will increase the foaming tendency and stability. Immediate action is required to prevent or destabilize existing foam. Affected are separation drums, distillation columns, extraction units and gas and liquid scrubbers. Particularly foam forming processes in the petrochemical industry are suspension polymerizations (e.g. PVC), water and caustic treating as well as extractive distillation columns from butadiene recovery plants.

Kurita´s antifoams or defoamers are surface active agents (surfactants) and have a very low solubility in the liquid solution. They concentrate at the surface film to increase the elasticity of the liquid film on the gas bubble, allowing the bubbles to rupture. Our highly efficient antifoams and defoamers destroy existing foam immediately and inhibit a new formation of foam. For many processes our silicone-free antifoams and defoamers are very suitable.

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