State-of-the-art deposit control agents – Dilurit®

Keeping your whole production line clean!

Uncontrolled microbiological activity in paper machine circuits could cause several issues such as dramatically decreased productivity, corrosion, bad odor or efficacy losses due to spoiled coating colors or additives.

We offer a wide range of oxidizing and conventional biocides for slime control and preservation. Our advanced Dilurit BC S system is a mild oxidizer with a broad spectrum of efficacy, a long-lasting effectiveness and a good compatibility with other paper chemicals such as dyes or optical brighteners.

Our team of experts has a proven knowledge in solving any microbiology-related problem. In addition we supply state-of-the-art make-up and dosing equipment as well as on-line monitoring and control technology.

All our biocides are non-toxic and comply with the EU-Biocides-Regulation EU 528/2012.