Dilurit® BC S dosage system

Dilurit® BC S-System – the state of the art in-situ biocide.

Biofilm, Legionella, pseudomonas are sources for several problems in water systems and therefore of main concern in the industry. A system not properly controlled can lead to high economic losses and have a direct impact in the health of the population.

Kurita has a long experience in the control of biofilm and microorganism in water and paper systems. During the last decades, the Kurita R&D developed a complete biocide product range with a broad efficiency against problems caused by microbial life.

To complete our broad range we developed an in-situ biocide system, controlled and dosed by Kurita´s tailor made dosing equipment: the Dilurit® BC S-System.

Kurita´s state of the art in-situ biocide:

Dilurit® BC S-System is a fast and easy detectable oxidizing biocide that decomposes 100% in environmentally innocuous inorganic compounds.

Dilurit® BC S-System has extremely high efficiency against:

  • Any kind of slime forming microorganism
  • Sulfate-reducing bacteria
  • Legionella
  • Algae
  • Yeast
  • Mould
  • Filamentous bacteria
  • Pseudomonas

Kurita’s advanced Dilurit® BC S-System is a mild oxidizer with a broad spectrum of efficacy, a long-lasting effectiveness and a good compatibility with other process chemicals.

Our team of experts have a proven knowledge in solving any microbiology-related problem. In addition we supply state-of-the-art make-up and dosing equipment as well as on-line monitoring and control technology. All our biocides are non-toxic and comply with the EU-Biocides-Regulation.

Optimum required dosage is ensured by just in time reaction with Dilurit® BC S-System. As a result, economical and efficient use of the applied products and a smooth plant operation controlled by a continuous online monitoring system is achieved.

Briefly, the benefits with Dilurit® BC S-System are:

  • Outstanding performance in a broad pH range (pH 6 -10) – even under challenging conditions  (neg. system ORP, high conductivity).  
  • State-of-the-art make-up and dosage system: 100 % conversion of the reactive components. No AOX (absorbable organic halogens) and THM (trihalomethanes) formation.
  • A very selective oxidizer; no negative effects on process chemicals. 
  • The biology does not adopt itself to the biocide. 
  • Significant reduced operation costs compared to other oxidizing systems.
  • Real time process monitoring via CI- and ORP- measurements.

State of the art dosage system available in 3 different versions:

Kurita has developed 3 different monitoring systems to automatize the dosage and control of the product application. Each one of these systems is tailored to be able to treat different kind of applications.

  • Economic: dosing pumps controlled by water counter (fixed ratio)
  • Comfort: Via cooling tower controller, pH-controlled, (fixed flow)
  • Total Control: “Own” controller, flow-rate via pump, pH-controlled


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