Kurita provides tailored treatment concepts for refinery applications

Fuel additives to meet specifications.

Fractions of cracked product streams in diesel and in heating oil may cause decompositions and undesired color changes. Since these products are often stored for a longer period of time, this decomposition may lead to sliming, clogging of filters, and damage in the engine or burner. Deposits can foul the burner nozzles to reduce the efficiency and increase maintenance costs. Dispersants clean the injectors and keep the nozzles clean, which decreases the fuel consumption and provides a better combustion.
Kurita´s oil-soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers remove H2S and mercaptan compounds.  Our biocides for diesel fuels and heating oils eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. They kill aerobic and anaerobic fungi, bacteria, yeasts and sulphate-reducing bacteria. According to OECD 301D / EEC 84/449 C6 they are completely biodegradable and have no effect on the AOX value. Kurita’s fuel additives increase the storage stability and the performance of your fuels.

Kurita provides a large number of additives for your intermediate and finished products:

  • Stabilizers, antioxidants and dehazers
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Hydrogen sulfide scavengers and biocides
  • Antifoams / defoamers
  • Flow improvers
  • Combustion improvers
  • Antistatics

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