Gilufix® FT Technology – The latest revolutionary technology in paper industry.

The European Paper Industry has the leading role in utilizing wastepaper as a raw material. Some paper grades like Packaging Papers, Newsprint and sometimes Tissue are produced with 100 % recycled fibre material. Of course, the utilization of recycled fibre material in the paper manufacturing process causes several undesired inconveniences, the biggest one of them are the stickies. The stickies are how is called the presence of tacky materials in wastewater and creates deposits in the paper machine circuits which could negatively affect the paper quality or lead to tremendous production losses through cleaning downtimes.

Kurita´s approach to control sticky issues is our innovative and patented Gilufix® FT Technology, a new generation of polymers which enable manufacturers to easily discharge this disturbing material out of their process via flotation or the paper sheet.

Some of the advantages offered by Gilufix® FT Technology:

  • Decreased machine cleaning down times
  • Food-compliant according to Recommendation BfR XXXVI
  • Not classified according to CLP regulations
  • Patented Chemistry
  • According to the FDA  Part 176 - Indirect Food additives: Paper and Paperboard Components

The production losses in Europe due to the damages caused by stickies are estimated in 700 Mio€/a. 
Kurita with his Gilufix® FT improves the daily work and significantly reduces the production losses.

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