Kurita´s rich heritage

Milestones of our history.

1949 Foundation of Kurita Water Industries Ltd. in Japan; Sales of chemicals for boiler water treatment
1951 Entry into water treatment facilities business and establishment of first R&D center
1953 Start-up of chemical cleaning business
1958 Expansion of maintenance services
1961 Listed stock on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange
1962 Listed stock on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Securities Exchange and establishment of second R&D center
1965 New chemical product line for process treatments
1973 Development of ultrapure water production technology for the electronics industry
1985 Establishment of third R&D center
1986 Deployment of tool cleaning business in the semiconductor industry
1989 Foundation of Kurita Europe GmbH in Germany
1991 Launch of soil remediation business
1997 Establishment of Kurita Water and Environment Foundation. The foundation promotes selected science surveys and research projects concerning water and environment.
2001 Establishment of Land Solution Inc., a consulting company for soil remediation
2002 Launch of ultrapure water supply as operator model
2003 Kurita is listed in the Natur-Aktien-Index NAI (Nature-Stock-Index)
2005 Establishment of fourth R&D center
2015 Acquisition of the Water, Paper and Aluminum compounds business (former BK Giulini) from Israel Chemicals Ltd. and foundation of Kurita Europe APW GmbH
2016 Merger of Kurita Europe GmbH, Viersen with Kurita Europe APW GmbH, Ludwigshafen to join forces and become one Kurita Europe

From Japan to the world.

The Kurita success story began in the middle of the last century: Haruo Kurita founded Kurita Water Industries Ltd. in Japan in 1949. Initially the company provided the Navy with chemical products for the treatment and optimization of boiler water. Kurita extended its range and offered systems for water treatment shortly afterwards. The next expansion came in the 1960s with chemical solutions for process optimization in paper production, the petrochemical industry and in steel production.

Its growing expertise in water and process treatment, its leadership in the Asian market as well as continuous research and development allowed Kurita Water Industries to consolidate its global market position. Now, the Group is comprised of more than 55 international branches and subsidiaries – one of which is Kurita Europe GmbH.

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