For the determination of biofilm amount – HydroBio® Test Kit.

The HydroBio® test kit enables a better control of microbiological growth in water systems; e.g. in cooling water systems, process water (Food and beverage industry, paper industry), and in membrane filtration processes.

Biofilms are built by micro-organisms. A biofilm consists of a mixture of slime (polysaccharides) and of living or dead micro-organisms. Bacteria like Legionella often settle in biofilms. Due to biofilms heat transfer can be reduced and microbial influenced corrosion can occur. The HydroBio® test kit allows the determination of biofilms in water systems. Thus it enables you to adapt the biocide treatment and to better control microbiological risks.

HydroBio® Advance – a new online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems.