Chemical Industry
Resource consumption in the chemical industry is enormous. Although the industry has already succeeded in significantly reducing its energy demands, it remains challenged by high energy costs, high water consumption and increasingly stringent regulations. Energy efficiency, increased production and plant availability are therefore important factors contributing to a competitive advantage. We would be glad to support you. Kurita offers a broad spectrum of resource-saving solutions as well as solutions for improving production and plant safety.

Kurita is familiar with the entire steel production process from pig-iron to the finished product. With treatment concepts specifically developed to handle the requirements of the steel and metal industry, we can effectively cope with typical industry problems such as corrosion, biofouling, scaling and clogging of spray nozzles.

Cetamine® FB

Cetamine® FB Technology Cetamine® FB Technology Next Generation Boiler Water Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry Water is a key resource in the food &

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Corrsave® Corrsave® 100 – New developed corrosion inhibitor by Kurita. Kurita, in his continuous commitment for sustainable treatments, has developed Corrsave® 100, an innovative new molecule

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Dilurit® BC S-System

Dilurit® BC S-SystemIntelligent biocide technology to protect your water systems against biological contamination Microbiology, biofilm, Legionella, Pseudomonas are sources for several problems in water systems

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Kurita Dropwise Technology improves productivity and boosts heat transfer efficiency in industrial systems and heat exchangers. The product is dosed continuously into the steam line

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F&B 360

Kurita offers an innovative 360° solution for the full water cycle of your food & beverage plant, which will help you save water and energy

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