Advanced treatment programmes with Kuriauto® Online Monitoring.

The right monitoring solutions for the right treatment:

  • Analysis of active ingredients ensure that you always measure the active product.
  • Photometric measurements e.g. Turbodispin®, Polymer based measurements but also for Cetamine® content.
  • Easy to use adjustable analysis intervals for optimal analysis frequency and reagent consumption according to the holding time index.
  • Automatization of defoamers for an optimum plant operation by foam control.
  • Different ranges available allow you to choose the right unit for your application (e.g. for scale & biofilm control in Cooling Water, Reverse Osmosis or Boiler Water)

Additionally, further measuring devices are available for key water parameters like alkalinity or hardness.

More information regarding our equipment solutions:

  • Equipment & Engineering
  • HydroBio®: Effective and optimized treatment programmes by determination of biofilm and scale deposits online with HydroBio® technology.
  • HydroBio® Advance: Online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems.
  • S.sensing Matrix System: Learn how to control product dosage and monitor key performance indicators in cooling water applications successfully.
  • S.sensing CS : Waste water real time monitoring & dosing control.

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