Kurita´s broad range of products for the treatment of large industry processes

  • Desalting and Demulsification
    Programs which minimize sediments, demulsifiers which break down the water-oil emulsion
  • Corrosion Inhibition
    pH control and injection of neutralizing chemicals and film-forming products
  • Fouling Control
    Products, based on dispersants, surfactants and anti-oxidant agents
  • Anti-Oxidation
    Specific anti-oxidants and polymerization, used against the oxidation and degradation of motor gasoline and jet fuels
  • Dust control
    Dust control products for cost effective dust suppression during the handling and storage of all solid bulk materials
  • Odor control
    Odor neutralization products with a good cost / performance ratio for refineries, slaughterhouses, biological plants, general industries
  • Anti-Foaming
    Products to avoid foaming
  • Coke production process optimization
    Sealing agents for charging hole and ascension pipe caps, and oven doors, which dramatically reduce harmful emissions. Coating agents that increase refractory equipment lifetime and reduce tar / graphite deposition problems. Dust control agents to eliminate dust emissions from coal / mineral storage piles and during conveyor belt transport.

A complete range of fuel additives:

  • Boiler fire-side additives, which fight the problem of unburned material.
  • Anti-slag boiler fire-side additives, which control vanadium and sodium slag deposits on steam super-heaters, and sulfuric acid corrosion and fouling problems on economizers and air pre-heaters, hence improving combustion process and boiler efficiency.
  • Fuel oil conditioning additives, to fight the problem of sludge deposits in oil tanks, oil pre-heaters, burners, etc. reducing downtime and maintenance.