Complete treatment for reverse osmosis and other membrane systems – Kuriverter® & Osmotech®

Kurita provides a broad range of membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants, for reverse osmosis as well as for ultra- and nano-filtration. High performance solutions for any kind of problems in all membrane processes. Our main aim is it to improve our customer’s daily work.

We offer tailored membrane treatment solutions. Benefits include:

  • Improvement of your process performance and treatment efficiency
  • Compliance with environmental regulations and local constraints
  • Significant prolongation of the lifetime of the membranes
  • Better management of the generated permeate
  • Reduction of chemicals consumption
  • Study of possible water reuse or reduction of wastewater volumes
  • Integrated process solutions
  • Optimization of total process costs

Specialties for RO membranes – Kuriverter®

  • Kuriverter® IK-110 - Biofilm remover: unique and patented technology for the effective elimination of biofilms on RO membranes.
  • Kuriverter® RC - Rejuvenation concept: This technology allows us to rejuvenate the membrane, restore salt rejection and postpone membrane replacement until it is budgeted for and convenient.

Antiscalants and dispersing agents for RO industrial plants and desalination processes – Osmotech®

  • For the control of deposition of carbonates, sulfates, fluorides, as well as silica on the membrane surfaces.
  • Product active compounds approved by the main membrane producers.
  • Our Osmotech® products are NSF 60 approved

Membrane cleaners for fast cleaning procedures – Osmotech®

  • Regular cleaning intervals are necessary. We offer acid, neutral and alkaline cleaning programs.
  • Osmotech® cleaners show significantly higher cleaning efficiency compared to basic chemicals. This leads to better and faster cleaning procedures.
  • Osmotech® cleaners pay back quickly due to reduction of system downtime.
  • Disinfecting programs with Ferrocid®.
  • Use for RO drinking water production.
  • For all types of membranes, organic or mineral.
  • For various membrane filtration units: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis.

Kurita offers membrane preservation with our products Ferrocid 8583 and 8593. Contact us for further information.

Attention: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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