Highly concentrated, inorganic Flocculants – Lufloc®

Lufloc® is used for:

  • Drinking water treatment: Removal of suspended organic and inorganic matter. It reduces the amount of diluted substances as well as metals.
  • Municipal and industrial water treatment: Flocculants for suspended matter remaining after biological treatment in the water. It reduces the content of dissolved organic impurities and precipitates phosphates which can be removed by solid separation.
  • Swimming pool water: for flocculation of organic and inorganic impurities and the removal of phosphates.

The advantage of Lufloc®:

  • The product quality corresponds to the requirement of DIN EN 878
  • Reduction of the content of phosphate, COD, BOD and metal irons
  • It can be used for the adjustment of the pH of industrial and waste water.