Drinking water treatment products


Kurita´s broad range of drinking water treatment products to avoid scale formation and corrosion, which leads to a reduction of the heavy metal contents in drinking water

Our Metaqua® products fulfill the quality standards of materials defined in European Norms, e.g. DIN EN 1209 Silicate. They comply with the maximum concentrations defined in country regulations, e.g. TrinkwVO in Germany.

  • Metaqua® phosphates (ortho-, poly-)
  • Metaqua® silicate/ activated silicate
  • Metaqua® sodium hydroxide
  • Metaqua® mixtures
  • Patented method for the treatment of drinking water: Integration method

Kurita benefits from numerous experiences of application of inhibitors to reduce heavy metal uptake in drinking water.

For more visualization we encourage you to watch our video.

Dissolved iron from corrosion of mild steel pipes in water distribution networks leads to the undesired effect known as “brown water”. This video shows how to prevent “brown water” by treatment with Metaqua® 187 L.

Based on our experience and with the help of our experts, we develop tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements. We gladly provide personal advive.