An application report of a cooling water treatment in Czech Republic

The Chvaletice Power Station in the Czech Republic regularly controls the installation of their cooling towers.
The plastic constructions that form the lower part of the tower are one of the critical parts of the system. Individual boards are very rugged. Deterioration of their penetration by suspended substances and biofilm can cause total carbonate deposition, resulting in the reduced air passage, reduced efficiency and consequently to the cooling tower shutdown.

"Checking in cooling towers No. 1 and 4 found that the fittings were in very good condition. After 16 years of operation, no hard or soft deposits are observed either from above or from the side. Minor upsets were found only in the lower part of the upper deck. These are soft deposits that immediately flush when the water starts.” summarizes Jan Kutil, Area Manager from Kurita Polska Sp. Z.o.o., who controls the installation every year. “The overall condition can be considered excellent, especially considering the fact that natural lifting cooling towers have a lifetime of about ten years.  However, due to the proper chemical treatment of cooling water and the long-term cooperation with 7EC staff, the lifetime of Chvaletice cooling towers is estimated to be over 25 years," said Jan Kutil.

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