IAPWS meeting in Kyoto

The annual meeting of the International Association of the Properties of Water and Steam took place in Kyoto, Japan from August 27th to September 1st. Around 100 experts from academia and industry were discussing actual topics related to water and steam.

Shintaro Mori from Kurita Water Industries and Dr. Wolfgang Hater from Kurita Europe joined the working group Power Cycle Chemistry (PCC). The major activity inside PCC is the development of Technical Guidance Documents (TGD). Wolfgang Hater presented a concept for the TGD ‘Application of Film Forming Amines in steam generators at industrial power plants”. A subtask group chaired by Barry Dooley (Structural Integrety), Marco Lendi (Swan) and Wolfgang Hater took over the task to develop this new guideline. The sub task group will consist of chemical suppliers, OEM, research institutes and users. Furthermore, White Papers on “Application of Film Forming Products in Nuclear Plants” and “Aspects of Geothermal Steam Chemistry” are in preparation.

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