International Conference on Film Forming Amines and Products

From 03.-06. April the Swiss section of the IAPWS (International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam) hosted the first “International Conference on Film Forming Amines and Products” in Lucerne, Switzerland. More than 80 participants from 20 countries were presenting and discussing the application of film forming amines mainly in power plants, but also in the growing geothermal market. Kurita Europe was one of the main sponsors of the event.

Shintarou Mori from Kurita Water Industries gave a presentation about “The Experiences with Cetamine Technology in Japan”. Dr. Wolfgang Hater from Kurita Europe presented “Cetamine Film Forming Amine Monitor and the Application of Cetamine in Water/Steam Cylces Containing Aluminium”.

Furthermore, Uniper presented their experiences of Cetamine application in a UK power plant, and two joint studies were presented by research partners of Kurita on the impact of Cetamine on FAC (flow accelerated corrosion) and the thermal stability of Cetamine. It became evident that film forming amine technology is getting more and more accepted.

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