Kuristuck Technology – Paint booth treatment

Environmental and economic guidelines and regulations strive to minimize the consumption of water and energy and the production of solid and liquid wastes from all kinds of industries worldwide. The automotive industry plays a particular role in this, as spray paint booth facilities are used to provide exterior and interior parts with the necessary coating. During this process there is always a certain amount of paint overspray, which is washed away and sent to a waste water facility where the paint and coating particles are separated from the wash water. The better the separation of the particles and the water the lower the waste disposal and water costs, having a positive impact on the environment and on the financial aspects for customers.

Kurita’s proprietary and innovative product range Kuristuck is able to achieve excellent performance for water- and solvent born paints resulting in reduced costs and reduced environmental impact. Kurita’s worldwide and long experience has contributed significantly to the development of these innovative technologies and we continue to develop these new technologies continuously at our R&D centers in Japan and Germany.
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