Kurita Europe honors outstanding Water Science graduate thesis

Kurita actively promotes modern studies dealing with water related subjects. As part of this engagement, each year we grant a prize to one outstanding graduate from the interdisciplinary university course “Water Science” at the university of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. “Water science” is a unique multi-faceted study program open to German and international students. In the heart of the Ruhr area, students learn about many relevant topics related to water, including chemistry, analytics, microbiology and geology.  Graduates from this Bachelor / Master study course are interesting candidates for recruitment by the water treatment industry and in fact Kurita has already hired several of them in recent years. This year´s Kurita award was granted on December 17, 2018 during the traditional celebration event to Ms. Hellen Barinas for her excellent thesis „Evaluation of total protein concentration and sludge activity in activated sludge system focusing on the influence of sludge age”. In good tradition the award was presented by Dr. Michael Urschey who had also taken some Water Science courses during his own chemistry studies. Kurita will continue to support this and other innovative university courses as part of our scientific program.

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