Kurita invited Paper Technology Students from TU Dresden

On June 7th Kurita Europe in Ludwigshafen invited master students of TU Dresden´s Institute of Natural Materials Technology to the head office. TU Dresden is one of three universities in Germany that offer a degree in paper sciences. Kurita has a long term relationship with all three faculties. Not a few of the alumni have become Kurita´s customers or industry partners in the meantime.

After an initial presentation about Kurita´s business and the global Kurita network Ralf Winkel, Technical Director Paper and Dr. Gunnar Kramer, Senior Technical Manager, guided the students through Kurita´s paper technology center where they gained impressions about the performance of Perglutin surface sizing agents and the capabilities of Kurita´s paper lab. Without doubt one highlight for most participants was seeing the pilot paper machine in operation.

Watch the Kurita pilot paper machine in action here.

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