Kurita provides practical assistance to refugees

The war in Syria and the IS terror in this region has triggered much pain and desperation for the people living there. During the last months, Germany played a significant role and has been a haven for many refugees. The advocacy on behalf of refugees is tremendous. More than 6,000 from the 10,000 registered refugees in Mannheim are currently living in the Benjamin Franklin Village. The city of Ludwigshafen accepted 1,000 refugees and plans to welcome many more.
With the background of the tremendous increase in refugees, Kurita sets a signal for social responsibility and involvement and asked their employees for a clothing donation for the Red Cross. Finally, Kurita was able to send a full truck with winter clothes to the Red Cross in Mannheim.
In addition to the clothing donation, the Management Board decided to support several organizations that take care of integration and accommodation of refugees in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim with a financial donation of 10,000€.

The Japanese company Kurita acquired the business unit APW (Alumina-Paper-Water) of ICL (formerly BK Giulini) in February 2015. “Under the name Kurita we haven’t been present very long but we think that it is very important to help people in need in this region. The common action of our employees strengthened the team spirit and showed what is possible if a group of people work as one” says Yasuo Suzuki, CEO and president of Kurita in Europe.

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