Successful joint development for a new photometric module by Heyl Vetriebsgesellschaft and Kurita Europe

Kurita Europe was invited to the opening ceremony of the new site of Heyl Vetriebsgesellschaft (hereinafter: “Heyl”) and participated in their 1st Water Forum in Hildesheim, Germany.

Rainer Haug, Product Manager for Equipment Solutions presented the lecture “S.sensing MX – From a vision to a new Generation of Cooling Water Monitoring”. He gave insights about the successful joint development for a new photometric module by Heyl and Kurita. This module matches the needs of Kurita´s recently developed modular S.sensing MX Cooling Water Monitoring System – the difference in equipment.

Heyl has honoured this joint development with the Innovation award. Kurita thanks Heyl for the award and the partnership during this project. We are glad to further continue on this path to integrate more and even new parameters into Kuritas S.sensing MX for an optimal and economic monitoring of relevant Cooling Water Parameters.

Kurita congratulates Heyl to the new site and wishes them all the best for the future.

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