World Water Day 2017

World Water Day 2017 is on March 22 and is about to draw attention to the critical issue of water. This year´s topic focuses on how to contribute to reduce waste water.

The Kurita Group pursues environmental improvement activities in three aspects: technological innovation, customer needs and internal change. It is our target to engage in environmental improvement activities under the following slogans:

  1. To expand environmental benefits for customers
  2. To reduce our internal environmental impact

In terms of waste management Kurita´s goal is it to attain a waste reduction factor of 5 which is the ratio of our environmental benefits for customers to our internal environmental impacts.

To be able to reach this target we mainly focus on the following factors on customers side as well as on our internal environmental impacts:

  • Reduction in waste and waste water
  • Savings in water
  • Reduction in quantity of substance of concern
  • Reduction in quantity of CO2 discharge
  • Increased ratio of recycling

Learn more about our achieved results together with customers.

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