Revolutionising the French Food Industry: Cetamine® FB Now Accepted for Food Industry Applications in France

We are excited to announce the approval of our revolutionary Cetamine® FB technology by the DGAL, the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, for its implementation in the food industry.

This significant development now allows the utilisation of our CFS substance, an exceptional anti-corrosion film-forming agent designed for boiler feed lines, steam transfer lines, and condensates, for the treatment of water from steam generators across a wide range of industries that directly interact with food products, excluding the milk and milk processing sector.

While our Cetamine® FB technology had previously been approved for application in the food industry within other EU countries, we are delighted to announce that its usage is now also possible in France.

Not only does this approval ensure the protection of boiler systems against corrosion, but it also allows Kurita to provide significant energy savings to the food industry. Our innovative technology is now ready to revolutionise energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in food production processes.

This recognition is a testimonial of the effectiveness and reliability of our comprehensive Cetamine® FB Technology, developed by Kurita, in protecting boiler systems against corrosion.

Cetamine® FB

Kurita’s Cetamine® FB, comprising film-forming substances, establishes a hydrophobic protective film that acts as an impermeable barrier between water and metal surfaces. By effectively inhibiting corrosion and scaling, this technology offers exceptional protection to boiler systems. In the Food and Beverage industry, where high steam purity is crucial to ensuring the desired product quality, the safe and efficient operation of boilers becomes a fundamental requirement for long-term corrosion prevention and the avoidance of system failures.

Cetamine® FB technology can be applied confidently in boiler systems where the steam comes into direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs.

For further information or to arrange an assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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