ES-Geothermie and Kurita France start a cooperation to develop environmental responsible solutions through approved project by ADEME: ECOPID

Kurita is delighted to announce the approval of the ECOPID (Etude de COmpatibilité et de Performance des Inhibiteurs de Dépôts) project by the French Agency for Ecological Transition (Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie – ADEME). With this project, Kurita and its partner, ES-Geothermie, are committed to developing new solutions in geothermal applications to improve productivity and save energy by eliminating environmental impacts.

ADEME is a French organization under the supervision of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and the Ministry of Energy Transition. The organization supports green initiatives for the advancement of the energy transition in France. In this opportunity, the joint project of ES-Geothermie and Kurita in the Upper Rhine geothermal field has been approved.

Geothermal is not only a renewable energy source, but also a key factor in achieving the European Union’s goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050. Helping to develop more environmentally friendly technologies is aligned with our company core values, and therefore we are proudly making this announcement.

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