Kurita successfully completes the acquisition of Arcade Engineering Group, an industrial engineering company specialized in water and process plants for the microelectronics & semiconductor industry and the construction of electrical switchboards

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (“Kurita”) announces that the parties have successfully completed the transaction to acquire the outstanding shares of Arcade Holding SAS as previously announced on 3 May. With the completion of this acquisition, the Kurita Group strengthens its water treatment business by creating a specialized platform focused on providing total solutions to the microelectronics & semiconductor industry in Europe while further expanding its leadership position in Asia in this market segment further.

Kurita sends a warm welcome to all the employees of Arcade Engineering GmbH (Head Office: Germany), Arcade Engineering AG (Head Office: Switzerland), Arcade Industrie SAS (Head Office: France), and Arcade Engineering (Asia) Pte Ltd (Head Office: Singapore). All employees of the group are invited to exchange within the organization, use all the new technologies, knowhow, and resources that the acquisition provides to generate and materialize Synergies and create value for society. In a recent communication by Mr Jordi Verdés -Head of EMEA & Americas of Kurita-: “all employees are invited to recognize the new opportunities that being member of Kurita offers to its members for professional and personal growth as essential objective for the success of the company”.

Kurita also addresses the new customers and partners with its commitment to build stable and long-term relationships with them in the coming period based on its vision of creation of new value thru its technologies. Kurita will combine the highly specialized technology portfolio and comprehensive process know-how of Kurita Water Industries with the new acquired engineering capabilities to develop increased intimacy with semiconductor customers. The newly created platform for the semiconductor industry will provide total solutions that create new value based on improving plant and process efficiency while implementing unique chemical technologies and engineering solutions for water and energy savings.




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