Differentiative solutions for packaging & board production.

Providing renewable resources based solutions to a fast changing global packaging market creates a challenging environment for producers of packaging paper and board.

What kind of specialty products does Kurita provide?

With our Perglutin® sizing agents for internal and surface application we offer one of the broadest portfolios for customising the surface properties of packaging grades.

Dilurit® deposit control programmes help paper and board makers in keeping machine cleanliness and efficiency on the highest level achievable. Our patent pending Dilurit technology contributes to overcome bottlenecks in waste water treatment plants by elimination of microbiological induced scaling. The benefits are an increased COD degradation level and a higher yield of combustible gas in the anaerobic stage.

Giluton® strength additives for wet and dry strength enhancement support the mechanical properties and provide additional functionality to packaging solutions, i.e. for recycled fiber based corrugated boxes for cold storage applications or liquid packaging board.

Our innovative Gilufix® FT pitch and sticky control additives keep stickies in a colloidal state and discharge them via the sheet or a process clarification unit thus leading to enhanced machine runnability and brighter furnish in the de-inking plant.

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Why choose Kurita?

Kurita is your competent partner for comprehensive solutions – our technical sales representatives and application technologists provide you locally with reliable customised services and solutions for your operations.

We take the continuous improvement of your process to heart. Our aim is to support you in reducing water and chemicals consumption and adding value to paper while keeping environment and sustainability in the focus. For good reasons Kurita is one of only 30 enterprises which are listed in the „NAI“ (Nature-Stock-Index).

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • System surveys and paper testing
  • On and off-site staff training
  • Development of customized concepts in our pilot paper plant
  • Analytical services (on-site and in own laboratories)
  • Real-time process monitoring and control concepts
  • Engineering services
  • Equipment technologies

Do you need support? Our qualified experts will be glad to advice you personally and individually.