Competent product range for boron replacement, retention and anionic trash fixation.

In the paper industry, our aluminium products are not only used for the fixation of the most additives on the fibre and for the fixation of anionic trash but also for the fixation of resin-based synthetic or AKD containing sizing agent.

Furthermore, we have found the solution to replace boron in paper manufacturing.

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The green revolution for boron replacement.

Since 2011, Borax and other Boron salts were included in the candidate list SVHC (Substances of very high concern) by ECHA as cmr-substances. However, Borax is still used as a functional additive in starch based glues.

Gilunal® A is a patented, non-toxic substitute for Borax. Gilunal® A is used for stabilising starchy- and dextrin-containing water based adhesives for the bonding of paper products based on conventional technical procedures.

Our contribution to sustainability!

Comprehensive product range for retention.

An optimal retention helps to increase water quality and to enhance productivity. The input of papermaking chemicals can be reduced and production costs minimised.

Kurita offers a versatile portfolio for tailor-made retention programmes with Gilufloc® , Mikrosorban®, Aluminum Sulfate and Sodium Aluminate.

Effective fixation of anionic trash.

Kurita offers a wide range of products for anionic trash catching for water circuit treatment in paper mills with Gilufloc®.

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