Kurita provides tailored treatment concepts for refinery applications

Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan compounds (RSH) are present as occluded gases in crude oils and natural gas. They are corrosive to metals, can poison catalysts and are very offensive smelling. Because of the corrosive and toxic hazards they must be removed from refinery gas, distillates and fuels. At high temperatures bitumen (asphalt) as the heaviest refinery product can release larger concentrations of H2S to the vapor phase. During plant shutdowns, tanks, containers and distillation columns must be opened to allow necessary on-site inspections. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan compounds need to be safely removed prior to any entry and inspection.

Increased concentrations of hydrogen sulfide or mercaptan in end products reduce their quality significantly. These “low-quality” end products can either be sold at a lower price or need to be reused in refinery processes. However, it means a loss of production. Kurita‘s hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan scavengers eliminate these inconvenient components and hence increase the quality and the value of the finished products. Our treatment programs rapidly scavenge H2S and RSH in mid-distillates, gasolines, aromatic solvents, crude oils, oily refinery sludges, residuals and skims.

Our tailored treatment concepts allow a safe and timely inspection of the systems. The very low dosage rates and cost-effective treatment renders an attractive way to refiners to control H2S and RSH in a variety of products. According to your specifications Kurita can supply metal-free scavengers which are completely soluble in oil or water with good anticorrosion properties. Our product range of powerful scavengers includes treatment programs with a high thermal stability in hydrocarbon fluids such as bitumen (asphalt) or non-nitrogen scavenger versions.

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