Economical Savings for your Boiling System

Kurita’s comprehensive Cetamine® Technology provides excellent protection against corrosion in boiler systems. Composed of film-forming substances, Cetamine creates a hydrophobic protective film acting as a barrier between water and metal, effectively inhibiting corrosion and scaling.

As an all-organic treatment program, Cetamine® allows optimized blow-down rates with higher cycles of concentration leading to significant lower fresh make-up water consumption, savings in energy and reduction of CO2 emission


Cetamine® Technology Features and Benefits


- Clean system surfaces
- Better heat transfer & boiler efficiency
- Higher cycles of concentration


- Reduced water & energy consumption
- Economical savings

Easy Handling And Control

- 1 product instead of 3
- Flow-meter controlled dosing proportional to make-up water
- Online monitoring & dose rate control


- Exceptional protection against corrosion & scaling throughout whole water/steam system
- Long term protection during discontinuous operation and system shut-down

Environment Impact

- Reduced blow-down and water discharge
- Reduced CO2 emission

Food Safety

- Complies with international food regulations

Cetamine® Savings Calculator

Predicted Savings with Cetamine in your Boiler System.


Monitoring and Digital Control

My Kurita Portal

Smart management of your treatments and systems.
With My Kurita Portal you can collect automatic data, monitor 24/7 your system, generate accurate reports and much more.

Cetamine® FB Technology - Next Generation Boiler Water Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry

Water is a key resource in the food & beverage industry.

In this sensitive industry high steam purity is essential to assure the required product quality. Safe and efficient boiler operation is another basic requirement to assure long term protection against corrosion to avoid system failures.

Cetamine® FB Technology can be safely applied in boiler systems where the generated steam has either direct or indirect contact to food.

Customer Review

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Case Studies

Cetamine® Technology Achieves 20,000€ Annual Savings Efficiency Improvement

Comparison Between Conventional Treatment And Cetamine®

Paper Mill Reduces Blow Down And Conductivity With Cetamine

GCC Refinery Successfully Protects Boiler During Upset In Feed Water Pretreatment

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